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Our approach to security is to combine and adapt traditional security components in order to create tailored security solutions. Where other security companies offer customers a restrictive list of services, Allander Security begin by helping clients to define key problem areas and adapting our component services to suit.

Allander believe that the service provider must adapt to accommodate the requirements of the customer, as opposed to the traditional attitude within the security industry that the customer must accommodate the few generic services offered by security providers.

Static Guarding

Our security operatives are the core of our services: trained to British Security Industry Association (BSIA) criteria and British Standards; vetted to BS 7858 (Code of Practice for Static Guards & Mobile Patrols); and with comprehensive background checks through Disclosure Scotland, Allander Security operatives are valuable resources. From this solid foundation we will adapt procedures, tours of duty, and roles & responsibilities to suit customer requirements.

Whether you require your security staff to perform secure lockdown duties, or general maintenance checks, we will adapt, modify and train where necessary to meet customer requirements.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrol Units are a cost-effective yet flexible security component. The basic service our customers receive is access to a fleet of modern patrol vehicles, driven by our team of dedicated operatives. From here our customers can dictate the nature and the frequency of the visits made by the patrol vehicles.

Some of our existing clients require complex and comprehensive checks to be carried out, while others only seek the peace of mind offered by basic perimeter inspections. Whatever the nature of your requirements, full reports will be completed and any specific incidents during patrols will be reported in detail. Supported by our 24 hour Control Centre, Mobile Patrol Units are an adaptable, affordable security service individually or as part of a comprehensive solution.

Keyholding & Alarm Response

Allander Security can provide fast and effective key holding and alarm response facilities to any alarmed location. Taking advantage of our fleet of mobile patrol units, Allander Security customers are guaranteed a rapid response to any alarm activation at their premises.

As your primary key holder we will assume responsibility for attending alarm activations. Our operatives are experienced in liaising with emergency services to ensure situations arising from alarm activations are dealt with, including if necessary the apprehension of suspected intruders and vandals. All incidents that occur at the premises of an Allander Security client will be reported directly, ensuring clients are completely aware of security matters affecting their business or organisation.

Concierge Services

As terrorism once again becomes a serious security concern for both public and private sector organisations, a front line defence against possible security threats is vital. Allied to a growing number of violent intruders attempting to gain access to private property, Concierge Security Services have taken on added importance as part of any deterrence strategy.

Allander Security can develop a bespoke Concierge Security strategy to not only combat security threats but to also assist with the day-to-day tasks of maintaining Health and Safety standards, such as tracking on-site visitors. Operatives are well trained in deterrent strategy and customer liaison, providing a friendly and effective service as part of your security solution.

Retail Security Services

The installation of high technology surveillance systems alone cannot prevent shop lifting and stock losses. As tagging and surveillance systems develop, so to do the methods used by criminals to outwit supposedly foolproof systems. The most effective solutions combine the relative strengths of electronic & manned security systems to provide a coherent security solution that protects weaknesses in your existing security strategy.

Our focus is on assessing your premises; reviewing current security provision and identifying the weak areas criminals are likely to target. By minimising pre-existing security risks we can develop an appropriate method of dealing with criminal activity and keep profits where they belong - in store.

24 hour Control Centre

An integral part of our security set-up is our 24hr Control Centre. From here all our security commitments are monitored and checked, maintaining standards and continuity. The Allander Security Control Centre fulfils a secondary but vital role as our communications centre, allocating mobile patrol units to customer locations, alarm activation and supervisory visits. In the security industry events change fast and the Control Centre ensures Allander Security solutions are flexible, responsive and adaptable 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.

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