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Allander Security's Mission is:

Jim McMullan
Jim McMullan
Managing Director
  • To provide the total security solution for clients.
  • It's goals are the provision, management and maintenance of specialist security and personnel services required to fulfil the needs of customer organisations.
  • To achieve this mission Allander Security adopts a win/win approach in negotiations with customers, placing special emphasis on:
  • Analysing and understanding the customer's requirements and arriving at solutions to satisfy these requirements.
  • Employing the right people with the right interpersonal skills to fulfil the tasks.
  • Implementing a well-planned training programme for all employees.
  • Using experienced management.
  • Formulating and applying Key Performance Indicators (KPI) based Procedures.
  • Where possible, integrating human and electronic resources to provide the most cost-effective and beneficial solution.

Allander Security is a forward thinking service solutions company. It is dedicated to ensuring quality of service provision to the customer comes first, particularly at the public interface; a company using new and innovative ideas to benefit all.


136 Strathmore Road
Balmore Industrial Estate
Glasgow G22 7DW
tel: 0141 336 3141
fax: 0141 336 6883

1 Gorgie Park Close
Slateford Road
Edinburgh EH14 1NQ
tel: 0131 443 8402
fax: 0131 443 8406

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